Support slavefreetrade to end modern slavery

With tens of millions of men, women, and children in slavery around the world, more now than at any other time in history, the mission of slavefreetrade is to end it by providing business focus on cleaning slavery from supply chains.

Ever thought you are powerless to stop modern slavery? The consumer is all-powerful and there are now two ways you can help.

First, is by supporting us to bring in an era when goods and services you buy are clearly labelled slave-free where the supply chain is certified clean by us. That is our project.

The second is by supporting us to raise funds to do our work. We have an online store thanks to RedBubble.


Click SHOP SLAVEFREETRADE NOW to buy slavefreetrade merchandise, from t-shirts, to coffee, mugs, hoodies, iPad covers and more.

Help us and this great cause.

slavefreetrade; because my choices make a difference