Against Patriarchy: 20 Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution

If you read my last posting (just a wee bit earlier in the day), of 35 practical things men can do to to combat gender inequality, you will have noted that the author, Pamela Clark, was inspired by comments made about another article, the one in the following hyperlink.

While valuable, and insightful, this list of 20 tools for men does come across as somewhat academic. It is still, if interested in knowing more about the conditions that perpetuate gender inequality, and what needs to be done to eliminate it, a must-read.

The article is written by Chris Crass, a longtime organizer working to build powerful working class-based, feminist, multiracial movements for collective liberation. It appeared in – and the hyperlink will take you to – the blog, Change from Within, a blog by Jamie Utt.






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