35 Practical Steps Men Can Take To Support Feminism

What follows in the hyperlink is a very useful reference of 35 practical things men can do to help eliminate gender inequality.

The point of departure for the article, that appeared in XO Jane on June 13th, is that the overwhelming majority of men do many things in their daily lives that directly or indirectly contribute to perpetuating a culture of gender inequality. The rationale for this excellent piece, by Pamela Clark (PhD Candidate in Political Science at York University, writing about the politics of civility) is that part of living in a patriarchal society is that men are not socialized to think about how their habits and attitudes harm women.

This very helpful list of practical things to be done is meant to guide men to think more consciously and personally about the direct and indirect effects they have on women, and to think more about how they can contribute to feminism through their lived, everyday practices.






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