Prostitution is not Freedom

The following is an important message, reprinted in its entirety, from FEMEN:


(Article content from November, 2013)




On the first day of discussion in France about a proposed law criminalizing patronizing or organizing prostitution, a group of FEMEN activists took their tops off in the red light district to condemn prostitution.

FEMEN wants an end to prostitution. The purchase of women by men has to be forbidden and punished. We say “no” to legalization of men’s domination and we support an initiative by socialists in the French government to criminalize a sex trade clients. FEMEN is condemns all pro-prostitution comments and petitions in France and regard them as empty propaganda.

Pro-prostitution hypocrites such as Catherine Deneuve, Charles Aznavour, Frederic Begbeder and Gérard Depardieu’s daughter, are protesting the law saying that prostitution is a form of sexual freedom. French celebrities are cultivating this romanticized idiocy, calling women’s slavery a “choice”,  a “personal wish” and a “freedom”.
FEMEN is responding with one simple question asked directly from the red light district: “Just look! Do you see? Does this look like freedom?”
Women are in glass boxes like products in a supermarket. Pimps watch their slaves from windows above. Clients walk about as if in a zoo, trying to find the most beautiful and cheapest woman to use. And all this is within the confines of legalized prostitution. We ask again – does it look like freedom?
In the beginning of FEMEN’s activity in 2008, we started to fight against prostitution, that blood-thirsty machine that caught some our friends and easily could have caught us. Having accepted the existence of prostitution on the legal level, society is jumping deeper into the black hole of patriarchy, losing one of the best chances to fight it. The existence of legal prostitution is bringing society into a situation in which women are not equal and are disrespected by men. FEMEN demands the punishment of sex trade clients. The reason prostitution exists is that some people have the sinister and despicable wish to purchase a human being, and this wish should not be catered to or legitimized.
FEMEN joins the initiative of the French government to criminalize organizing or patronizing the sex trade.
No to prostitution! It is not freedom!
For the original posting on Femen’s website, click here.





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