Healthy Masculinity – Resources from ‘Men Can Stop Rape’

A great initiative, unfortunately not yet international in scope, is a programme in Washington DC called Men Can Stop Rape.

The programme seeks to help define healthy masculinity to create a culture that is free from sexual violence.

They offer a handful of really useful local advocacy materials to get the discussion started with men and boys around you.

With thanks to Men Can Stop Rape for their leadership and advocacy on this issue, please see the following links to their online resources:

1. What Young Men Can Do: An information sheet that offers high school age young men 10 ways they can help prevent bullying and harassment in their schools and neighborhoods.

2. Defining the Rules between Sex and Rape: We’re surrounded by TV shows, music, magazines, video games, and movies that blur the lines between sex and sexual violence. This information sheet helps to establish some clear and shared understandings of the differences.

3. Why men should care about rape?  This handout addresses men’s role in rape prevention.

4. What can men do? Learn what you can do to play a role in the prevention of gender-based violence from this handout.

5. Where do you stand? This guide will give you suggestions and ideas for implementing a WHERE DO YOU STAND? programme to mobilise men against rape in your school or university.

6. Male Athletes as men of strength: Learn from this handout about what you, as an athlete, can do to take a stand against rape.

7. Supporting Survivors: Learn how you can help support survivors with this information sheet.



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