For Men and Boys, on Women and Girls

I hope readers of this blog will forgive me for a moment if I digress for a short public welfare message, about women and men, boys and girls.

People, the world is not as it should be. We are out of balance, and not enough is being done by men and boys to make sure that we achieve the balance necessary between men and women.

It is not enough to say that we need equality. It is not enough to say equality is something that we strive for; that equality is an ideal.

Equality between men and women is essential. Equality between men and women, boys and girls, is like oxygen. Equality is the very stuff of life.

Men and boys who actively block equality are depriving our world of the oxygen we need to co-exist as man and woman.

Men and boys who deny, or fail to acknowledge equality, risk suffocating the rest of us,

Men and boys who do not even realise the little things every day they do to deprive us of equality between men and women, may as well be holding a pillow over our faces as we wither.

Wake up.

Men and boys must wake up to the existence of inequality, the everyday reality of inequality, and do everything within their power to make sure we can breathe.

Stand up and speak up for equality between men and women. Every day. Every minute.


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